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Asset Valuation Associates



To provide a high degree of integrity, honesty, and act in a fair, reasonable and equitable manner at all times. We put our customers and clients expectations first.

We strive to give our clients the highest quality service, thus enhancing the highest return of capital on their assets to be sold.

                    WE SOLVE PROBLEMS

Fastest Way to Convert to  Cash

Attract the greatest number of

Serious Buyers and Crowd to your sale.

With an Absolute Auction Sale


• No Commission Charged to the Seller


• It’s a Quick Sale / 30 Day Closing


• Onsite and Online Auction Sales


We Sell all kinds of Real Estate at Auction For Cash in 30 Days

Real Estate

Auction Sales



During the past 30 years, we have conducted appraisal assignments in numerous industries.  Whether it be Industrial Plants, Machinery & Equipment, Automated Plants & Facilities, or a wide variety of business assets we have the

expertise to meet your needs. 



A possessory lien grants a creditor the right to remain in possession of a property under the lien until the debtor has satisfied his or her debt. 


A lien is a claim that one person has over the property of another as security for the payment of a debt.


We Process State of Florida Possessory Liens from

Start to Titling.


We Convert Assets to Cash
One Piece or Entire Spread


Whether Liquidating a Business Asset, Entire Business, Machinery & Equipment, Inventory, UCC Article 9 Security Agreement Sales, etc we are here to help and have the necessary knowledge 

Personal Property

Auction Sales



We have partnered with Highly Qualified Business Valuation Experts with a combined total of hundreds of years experience. No matter what the problem, we identify it and find a valuation solution to tailor fit your needs.  Whether it is market, cost or income analysis, we will get the assignment done within a reasonable time frame.

Coming Soon!
Properties in Virginia,
North Carolina, and Florida.
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auctions and sales please leave
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Do you have inventory you are looking to liquidate? We liquidate Electronics, Machinery & Equipment, CNC Equipment, Entire Plants, Rolling Stock. If it's saleable we will sell it for you! 

We have performed hundreds of liquidations over the years.

Give Us a Call 

and let us add you to our list of satisfied customers.



We believe in keeping simple.

• We provide financing for many           small to medium-sized businesses. 

• We provide asset-based loans             secured by real estate with a first       mortgage only.

• We provide simple private financing     solutions secured by Real Estate

• We care about the future and             helping you to grow your business.


We write 5 to 20-year term loans.

Fixed interest, Interest only, Amortized.

Loan to value 50 – 60%

United States

Bankruptcy Court

  • Hughes Aircraft Company

  • American Tissue Corp.

  • New York / Staten Island Ferry Company

United States

Marshalls Service

New York Eastern District

  • Columbia University

  • Amphenol/Amprobe Corp.

  • Marshall Machinery Corp.

New York State

Department of

Motor Vehicles

  • LaSalle Bank

  • J.C. Duggan Inc.

  • Indian Warehouse Corp.

  • Alcoa Aluminum

• Contractors, Builders, Wholesalers, Suppliers, Structural Steel Fabricators, Sheet Metal, Wood Working Shops,              

   Machine Tool Shops, Material Handling, Marinas, Boat Dealers. Electronics, Retail Stores.



• Asset Based Lenders, Leasing Companies Financing Factors, Banks, Private Equity Firms, Financing Companies,

  Credit Companies, Lawyers, and Law Firms,                  


• Aerospace & Defense

• Agribusiness

• Automotive & Dealer Services

• Boat Yards

• Clothing & Apparel

• Communications & Media

• Construction

• Electric Utilities

• Financial Services

• Food & Beverage

• Forest Products

• Government

• Health Care

• Higher Education

• Hospitality

• Life Sciences

• Manufacturing &

  Consumer Products

• Marinas

• Not-for-Profit

• Oil & Gas

• Private Clients

• Private Equity

• Professional Services

• Real Estate

• Renewable Energy

• Restaurants

• Retail

• Storage Facilities

• Technology

• Transportation & Logistics

• Wine, Beer & Spirits

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