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Auction Sales

Real Estate Auction Sales

The Fastest Way to Convert Assets to Cash


Attract the greatest number of Serious Buyers to your sale with an Absolute Auction Sale. 


  • No Commission Charged to the Seller 

  • It’s a Quick Sale / 30 Day Closing 

  • An Auction Sale Creates a Sense of Urgency to Buy 

  • Online Bidding Reaches More Potential Buyers 

  • Eliminates Monthly Debt & Provides Seller with Capital for more Productive Investments


Auction Purchasers are Bound by the Terms of Sale


Mortgage Financing is More Strict Than ever


An Auction Sale will attract All-Cash Buyers


Guarantee a Sale of the Property on Auction Day and close in 30 days or less.


We sell all kinds of Real Estate at Auction For Cash in 30 Days


Vacant Land

Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Land Parcels.


Residential Property

Residential Owner Occupied, Rentals, Multifamily, Investment Properties,


Commercial Property

Commercial Condos, Commercial Retail Sites, Free Standing Buildings.

Commercial and Mixed-Use Properties, Waterfront Commercial, Special Use properties, Commercial Manufacturing Buildings, Any and All Uses.


Industrial Property

Industrial Buildings, Industrial Condos, Free Standing Industrial, Special Use, Manufacturing Buildings,


How it works

If you agree to sell at Absolute Auction we will pay for the advertising for auction sales achieving at least $ 50,000.00.  We collect the advertising fee upfront and will reimburse 100% of the advertising fee upon successful closing and title changing hands.  All advertising funds will be held in escrow until closing at which time it shall be refunded to the seller.


We collect our Fee in the form of a 10% Buyers Premium to be paid by the Buyer at Auction.  Buyers Premium will be held in escrow until closing is consummated.

Personal Property Auction Sales

Asset Valuation Associates is a full-service auction company offering complete auction support which includes:


  • Complete Inventory of Business Assets, Equipment, Inventory/Merchandise

  • Appraisal of Assets, Equipment, Inventory Cataloging

  • Digital Campaigns, Display Advertising, Catalogs, Video, Live Stream Video

  • Displaying of Merchandise

  • Clerking of all Assets & Inventory, Onsite & Online Sales and or both

  • Settlements of Proceeds



For more than 20 years Asset Valuation Associates LLC (Formerly Patrick Nugent Auction Corp.) has conducted hundreds of auction sales for many clients within the United States. We have specialized in the appraisal, management, liquidation, & auction sale of a non-performing business, corporate & estate assets. Clients include Corporations, Privately Held Small Businesses, Individuals, US Bankruptcy Court, Estates, Law Firms & Attorneys, Finance & Leasing Companies.


We are dedicated to the hard work, marketing, and technology that goes into the accelerated marketing process to provide you with a successful auction sale. Each and every day the technology curve changes which enables us to reach out across the continent to bring more and more bidders to bid on your property. With the use of online live webcast software, the internet, live webcams, bidders from literally around the globe can now see live at your auction and bid on your property to maximize the highest market value. We can expose your property beyond the local market by targeting potential buyers on a regional and national market. We enjoy the challenges created by the auction business, the technology, excitement, and the competitive atmosphere created by the auction itself. Give us a call we can gather the crowd for your auction sale.

• Need to Sell Fast & Efficiently? Sell at Auction the proven fastest and most efficient way to sell.

• 32 Years selling Individual, Business, Corporate & Estate Assets

• Complete Appraisal & Asset Liquidations of All Personal Business Corporate & Estate Assets


• Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Real Estate


• Industrial & Manufacturing Plants, Construction & Contractors Equipment


• Complete Liquidations of any and all Businesses.


• Industrial, Commercial, & Manufacturing Assets Real Estate & Equipment


• Machine Shop, Sheet Metal & Woodworking Shops


• Rolling Stock to include Vehicles, Trucks, Fleets, Farm Equipt, RV’s


• Marine Contractor Assets Boats, Tugs, Cranes, Barges


• Retail Stores & Inventories Auto, Marine,  


• Manufacturing, Warehouses  


• Technology, Computer, and Related Equipment,


• Collections, Rare Objects,


• Cash Buyouts Commission or Joint Venture


Licensed & Insured & Bonded


All information shall be held in the strictest confidence


For a Fast Cash Turn of Your Assets    


Call Today




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