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Business Financing


Let’s face it, money and credit make the world go round.  Without capital or the proper credit facility, it is tough to grow a business.  Just having cash or ready capital in the bank is a great position to be in.


Private financing and credit markets have grown substantially since the 2008 financial crisis.


When a company has capital available in reserve they can take advantage of many opportunities that arise.  You can buy real estate at foreclosure for future growth, buy merchandise and equipment at auction for cash, or purchase raw materials or supplies from another competitor that is closing down.  You can always find discounts if you have ready cash.


We believe in keeping it simple. Individuals, Business Owners, and Companies can get caught up in a credit crisis from unforeseen circumstances quickly. Whether it is making payroll, financing inventory, real estate, machinery or equipment purchases, insurance, taxes, permits we can provide the funding you need to grow your business. We specialize in providing Private Capital, Private Equity to fund many small business owners and corporations with the proper short or long-term financing or line of credit needed to grow in a competitive marketplace.


Keep your business flexible and adaptable by having an anytime source of funds at your disposal. 

We are Seeking Accredited Investors and Private Equity who can Finance up to $100 Million.

 All business loans are secured by Real Estate.



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