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Our Clients

United States

Bankruptcy Court

Eastern District New York

United States

Marshalls Service

Eastern District New York

New York State

Department of

Motor Vehicles

  • Hughes Aircraft Company

  • American Tissue Corp.

  • New York / Staten Island Ferry Company

  • Columbia University

  • Amphenol/Amprobe Corp.

  • Marshall Machinery Corp.

  • Resolution Trust Corp.

  • LaSalle Bank

  • J.C. Duggan Inc.

  • Indian Warehouse Corp.

  • Alcoa Aluminum

• Contractors, Builders, Wholesalers, Suppliers, Structural Steel Fabricators, Sheet Metal, Wood Working Shops,  

   Machine Tool Shops, Material Handling, Marinas, Boat Dealers. Electronics, Retail Stores.



• Asset Based Lenders, Leasing Companies, Financing Factors, Banks, Private Equity Firms, Financing Companies,

  Credit Companies, Lawyers, and Law Firms.


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